1210PL, 700 Watts RMS, 38lbs.

$600.00 + shipping

Tune Hatsun Ovangkol 6 string; this bass is in excellent conditions, fantastic player, super fast neck, tight low B, 34" scale, 18 volt 3 band preamp.

$650.00 + shipping

210PL display model, 700 Watts RMS, 36lbs.

$500.00 + shipping with warranty

15L display model, 600 Watts RMS 30lbs.

$500.00 + shipping with warranty

1210PL display model in brand new condition; 700 Watts RMS, custom B&C neodymium drivers, 200 Watts fully adjustable heavy duty titanium bullet tweeter, 38lbs.; can keep up volume wise with most common 4x10 cabinets; full warranty,

$600.00 plus shipping

Neutrik / Speakon cables,we are offering now speaker cables neutrik/neutrik, US made heavy 12gauge copper wire

$19.99 and up

Mini 12+L, 400 Watts RMS @ 4 ohm, only 12" deep; slightly used.

$350.00 + shipping

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