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Father and Son Team

Times have definitely changed in the past forty-five years of my life as a bassist. The bass is not merely a rhythm instrument anymore and bassists want and need a clear and defined sound in order to be heard on stage. Naturally, the equipment has become more sophisticated in an effort to address these needs.


     Yes, a bassist needs to be heard, and that has been my eternal dilemma. As a gear nut myself, I often switched gear whenever I heard promising news about new equipment, whether it offered a more compact size, or more defined sound, etc. I was always searching for that special something out there that I'd be able to enjoy for a very long time, but I did not find anything that really satisfied my needs, and gave me the volume, depth and clarity I needed and wanted in a compact cabinet.



    There are already compact, single-speaker cabinets that are lightweight and easy to set up, but if you play at a larger venue and need something louder and stronger, then the dream of a quick, single trip from the car to the stage is over. I’m not a fan of single speaker cabinets anyway, due to the simple fact that one woofer will suffer more than a dual speaker cabinet. Now, there are certainly a lot of very nice bass cabinets out on the market today, but I still feel that there is room for improvement. Wouldn't it be great to make one trip to the stage, set up within 5 minutes and be ready to play? I wanted to achieve something compact, yet loud enough for use in larger venues that could still be carried in one trip for easy setup. I wanted to hear myself on stage, and I wanted my band members to hear what I play. The better you hear each other on stage the better the band will sound to the audience.


     In my research I tested over two-dozen different bass amp and preamp/power amp configurations, with numerous basses, from budget instruments to custom made "boutique" basses. The cabinets I’ve designed excel with superior sound and compact size while remaining affordable for the working musician. My cabinets are designed around 10" and 12" woofers which due to the different cabinet design, produce a deeper response than more traditional larger woofers. So, all bassists out there who believe a full stack has to include a 4x10 and a 15" or 18"cabinet, might be in for a serious surprise.


Schroeder cabinets produce a clean low end without losing the punch and crispness.



Jorg Schroeder


Just like my cabinets: simple, efficient and to the point.

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