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Chuck Webb

(Al Di Meola, Grover Washington Jr., Ramsey Lewis, and many others)

"The 1212 light cabinet is without a doubt the best all around bass cabinet I've ever playedthrough! I used it on three very different gigs this weekend and it excelled inevery situation. By the way, I smiled every time I had to pick the cabinet up. This thing is light as a feather. All in all I can't remember having this much fun with a piece of bassgear. This cabinet is a masterpiece!"


Chuck uses: 1210 Regular & 1212 Light.

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Hector Ostolaza

(full-time musician; Studio Musician and Arranger)

"I have owned many bass cabinets throughout the years, but when I heard Schroeder cabinets for the first time, I was blown away by it's Tone, Power and Weight!!! I Use, 12/10 light , 4/10 light and the 12/12 Light. If you were to ask me," Which one is your favorite?", my answer would be. All Of Them!!!!!"


Hector uses: two 410L, 1212L, & 1210L.

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Diomar Quintana

"Schroeder Cabinets meets and exceeds my demands no matter if it is a small, medium or large gig. As a Puerto Rican player I have to play different genres of music including: Hard Rock, Latin Rock, Ska, Punk and Tropical. The punch, clarity and deep of Schroeder Cabinets are simply out of this world, and at last but not least the customer service of Jorg is second to none. Thanks again for a cab that makes me happy to play again and again."


Diomar uses: 1212R and 210212L.

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James Gray

(Bassist for Lula's Passion, Weekend Warrior and professional for 25+ years)

"Being a vintage player I have always liked SVTs and that unmistakable presence on stage. After reading about Jorg's incredible Bass cabinets, we spoke over the phone and Jorg recommended the 21012. WOW! can this be? All that TONE, CLEAN, FULL, ROUND, and TIGHT from such a compact cabinet. I¹m still amazed every time I plug in. Jorg's creations are truly a reflection his Spirit, Passion, and Dedication to the Art of Bass. I'm fortunate to be able to experience it. Thanks again"


James uses: one 21012.

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Neil Bowen

(Bassist / Educator)

"At last! Finally a bass cabinet that is 100% crystal clear from low B(open) to high C (24th fret) and everywhere in between. Upon hearing Schroeder's cabinets, I promptly sold my main rig and bought a Schroeder 410. The low end is huge without being muddy and losing definition, and high notes speak just as well without ever getting lost in the upper register. The cabinet (410) also doesn't "break up" when playing chords either. I always thought that something of this quality was either incredibly expensive, or perhaps didn't even exist at all. I'm pleased to say that neither one was the case.


Schroeder's design is nothing short of amazing and my search for the perfect live sound is finished. Simply the best!"


Neal uses: one 410

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